3 Things Thursday

  1. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown


I read this book a few years ago, but still love it.  It’s excellent and it caused me to jump on the Brene Brown band wagon and become a fan girl.  It’s an easy read, but it gets to your heart.  Check out this great manifesto from the book:


And look at this (I’ve used this in so many areas of my life personally and professionally)


  1. These earrings from Magnolia Market

I’ve admired these on Joanna Gaines, and now I can wear them too!  I don’t wear them to school (often) as they are on the bigger side, but are light weight.  They are available in both silver and gold (I MAY own both).


Magnolia Market Earrings Here

  1. Morning Walks

My morning walks have become precious time.  I decided to begin waking up earlier this school year to make time for these quiet moments.  I used to go on these walks before, but sometimes they’d be significantly shorter or I would hustle about and show up for work later than I should and frazzled.  This earlier wake-up time is perfect.  I often use this time to speak and listen to God.  It’s WONDERFUL time and just what I need.  Even though I’m waking up earlier, it’s so refreshing and I feel more grounded and rested and prepared for the day when I do this.  It’s funny how that happens.

Don’t forget to comment with YOUR favorite things!



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