Wear It Wednesday! (Picture Day Edition)


I just began school and I’m already exhausted.  I feel like I have no creative energy to put together a cute outfit.  What’s with me.  Sometimes I use my clothing as my creative expression when I’m not spending as much time creating in the kitchen or for the stage.   I go through these phases a couple of times a year and what woman has not cried, “I have nothing to wear” with a closet bar that is bending under the weight of her packed-in garments?

So I’ll try to spice it up with some of my hits and misses in clothing and fashion.  If I give you an idea or you find something you like because of it, great!


So this week we have picture day.  Everyone feels enormous pressure when it comes to picture day.   Parents must wake up at 5 AM to ensure that all skirts are fluffy and full, hair is gelled and ties are perfectly knotted.  We teachers have to look professional and efficient and kind and compassionate all at once. My goal is to have some young child look back at their year book years from now (when did elementary students start getting year books?) and see my picture and said, “Miss Hackman….she’s even more beautiful than I remembered”.  #dreambig

So what in the world did I wear to accomplish this feat?

An old stand by.  An outfit that I turn to all the time.  It’s comfortable, yet looks put together.  I sometimes have to think and make sure that I didn’t wear this outfit 2 days ago when I pull it out of my closet.  I probably wear it as often as is socially acceptable.

A shirt in a pretty, flattering color.  Let’s be honest folks, nobody knows if you’re wearing a fancy dress or lacy skirt; all people see is your shoulders and upper chest.  A shirt in a color that is ‘your color’ is your best bet.  Don’t forget to wear sleeves.  No sleeveless tops, no capped sleeves.  Trust me on this.  You can have the sculpted arms of Jillian Michaels, and you will instantly gain 10 lbs. of fat in your upper arms.


Similar Emerald Green Top Here

I wore a nice, comfortable pair of black pants and comfortable, pointy toed black flats.  In the winter I’ll often wear this pants with tall boots, but since boot weather isn’t here yet, I’m enjoying these:


Adorable Comfortable Pointy Toed Flats Here   

Comfortable Basic Black Pants Here


A scarf gives, what some fashion experts call, ‘visual interest’.  For me, it just makes my lazy outfits look put together, which I think is basically the same thing.  Basic shirt, plain ol’ pants, scarf and POP!  I’m sophisticated (and partially French).


Similar Leopard Print Scarf Here

Pretty, understated jewelry.  Unfortunately, my Stella & Dot earrings are discontinued, but I love these


Earrings Here

Nobody can see my favorite leopard belt that I wrote about here because tucked in shirts are the enemy of fluffy bellies, but it’s cute and it’s there, pulling me together.  It’s on sale, so snatch it up girls!

Here is another outfit I wore recently.  I love color and am not afraid to have bright, bold pieces that make my outfits appear more interesting, at least in my eyes.


Similar white jeans (I’m stretching the antiquated Labor day rule and wearing them as long as I can!)  here

These jeans are great.  I get so annoyed with white jeans that are cheaply thin or clingy in all of he wrong places.  I also get frustrated when you can see the white pockets through the jeans.  Ladies, have we learned NOTHING from nude undergarments?

The coral top was sent to me by StitchFix, but you can see if this is to your liking

Similar cardigan here

Necklaces Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant in Rose Gold

Unfortunately, my ‘Eat Well Travel Often’ charm necklace is sold out, but you can find a similar Etsy creation here

Similar Watch

Earrings Stella & Dot Bungalow Hoops

My really comfortable flats that I wrote about Here and can be purchased here

My sunglasses are on sale! Check them out here!


Please, please, please share some of your favorite outfits with me so I have more ideas to put together!



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