3 Things Thursday

So today is Thursday, the day that I tell you 3 things that I enjoy.  But do you know what I DO NOT enjoy?  Worms in my corn from my farm share.  I grew up in the country and I have read enough natural food books to know that this is a sign of ‘little to no pesticides’ and ‘natural living, or just plain ‘nature’, but YUCK!  All I know is that I’m supposed to eat that corn and that big green ol’ worm is chomping away and doing Lord know what else on that cob. #nothanks #imdonecomplainingnowthanksforlistening

  1.  Herbed Butter

While we’re talking about corn, let’s talk about herbed butter.  This is a super simple way to dress up your corn, bread, steak – anything you’re serving.  It’s easy, but a great presentation.  Here’s what you do:

Take an unsalted stick of butter, whip it in an electric mixer

Add any spice combinations you’d like (see some of my favorites below)

(optional) press into molds and put it in the freezer.  It’ll be solid and look super pretty.

Leftovers can be easily stored in the freezer for the next time!

Favorite Combinations (add salt to make flavor pop):

Garlic Basil

Cinnamon Honey

Jalapeno, lime, cilantro

Indian Spiced (I can’t remember all of what I put in this one, but I think turmeric, curry, garam masala)

Bonus – If you aren’t doing butter, you can use coconut oil or any dairy alternative!  Ghee works well if you’re okay with that!


2. This darling leopard belt


Leopard is a neutral.  Say it with me, girls!  And leopard is so big right now.  It’s the perfect accent; a great way to gussy up your otherwise blah solid print outfits.  Throw in a leopard accessory for visual interest and all of a sudden your posh and polished.

I saw this belt in The Limited recently, but knew a good sale was coming my way, so I held off, and now it’s here.  Patience proved to be a virtue and you can snag this little ditty for 40% off!  Get it here

3.  Late summer nights hanging out in my lower-patio.


Lower-Patio time = happy me!


I have found that my favorite place to unwind is outside in my lower patio.  My deck above me provides the perfect shade and I have some great furniture that I have been known to fall asleep on.  I grab a book and just chill.  I don’t do it often, but it feels like pure luxury.  I hope you find a way to unwind that makes you feel relaxed and balanced, your tank full and your heart happy.

Please comment below with some of your favorites.  I want to discover new things.  I’ll give you (and your blog) credit!


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