3 Things Thursday

Happy Thursday!  It’s the second week of school and, even though it was Labor Day a few days ago, I’m DRAGGING!  All I gotta say is that it’s hard to be a woman.  You feel me?

  1.  Present Over Perfect by Shauna Neiquistphoto-on-9-8-16-at-10-40-am

I am only a few short chapters in, but this book is so good.  It’s speaking to my soul.  Right now I am totally relating to Shauna’s ‘Fake-resting’ as I consider a ‘relaxing night’ spent buzzing around my house getting everything in order, washing dishes and addressing those ‘rush piles’ (drop this off, grab this, off to the next activity and repeat…again and again and again) and collapsing into bed at night, falling asleep moments after my head hits the pillow.  Recently my church spoke again of the value of Life Groups and, while I see tremendous value in them and have enjoyed many in the past, right now it just seems like another thing in my schedule.  My  edges are frazzled and frayed as I long for a day of leisure and no to-do lists flitting around my brain.  Not feeling guilty about putting my feet up when there’s ‘SO MUCH TO DO’.  I need sweet rest and sweet relief.

I read a blogger that recently wrote that she found this book ‘boring’.  I am baffled how she cannot relate and I’m semi-embarassed to admit that I judged said blogger and thought ‘we could never be friends’.

2.  Sam Edelman Felicia Ballet Flat


I’m a total high heel girl.  My year in North Carolina I got the nickname ‘heels’ because I was always clomping down the school hallways in a cute pair.  I’ve listened with young stubborn defiance as older woman used to say to me ‘I can’t wear those any more – just YOU wait”.  I admit that I wear them less than I used to and gone are the days traipsing around NYC in pointy toed stiletto boots for a 6 AM- 1 AM all walking trip (How I did it that one time, I’ll never know!!) So when I find a cute, comfortable flat, I’m excited.

On those days that I’m not wearing heels to work, I want to wear THESE!  I read about them, ordered them and now want them in EVERY color.  They are that good!  They have more cushion that your typical inexpensive ballet flat.  I currently have them in the leopard, black, saddle leather, and classic nude leather.  Navy leather and pop fuchsia are on their way (she said sheepishly).  I don’t feel as bad about spending the money on these because they are classic pieces that are comfortable so I know that I’ll get my money’s worth.  Check them out by clicking the link below (it will take you to Nordstrom, but be aware that you can find more colors searching around).

Sam Edelman Felicia Flat Here


3.  Pittsburgh


There’s a reason why Zagat named this the best foodie city last year!  It’s got a great food scene and we dove in to discover it!  Rachael (my BFF) and I traveled there over the holiday weekend to visit her brother and we made the most of our time!  The Frick museum, the incline, the Arsenal Cider House and the FOOD, oh the food!  Every where we went had delicious food and since this started at as a food blog, I’d be a terrible friend if I didn’t share…

  1.  Smallman Galley

Smallman Galley Website

This is 4 restaurants in 1!  The idea is that 4 restaurants that are just starting out set up shop and if they do well, they go out and become their own restaurant!  All 3 of us loved it and the food we got here.  A bonus: they had Big Spring Spirits!

2.  Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

All of my friends that have lived in Pittsburgh know that this is the place to get Thai food in the city.  We all enjoyed our dishes that we ordered here.  Thai food may be my favorite ethnic food.

3.  Bakersfield



We had some fantastic street-style tacos.  Our favorites were the Conchinita Pibil (anchiote braised pork, picked red onion, habanero salsa and cilantro).

4.  Altius


Our fancy dinner of the trip and OH SO GOOD!  We were seated at a table right next to the Duquesne incline and had fantastic views of the city at dusk and nighttime.  We began with she-crab soup that we both wanted to bathe in, followed by a butter Chilean sea bass and finished by a chocolate ball dessert.  From beginning to end it was perfection.


5. Pamela’s Diner

Pamela’s Diner

Our pre-back-on-the-road-home-breakfast was at Pamela’s.  I’m not one to go out to breakfast, but this place lives up to their reputation.   I had one of their combo specials and it came with their signature hot-cakes and WOW!  So good!  Definitely check this place out, but be ready to  wait.

So that third thing turned into 5!  You’re welcome!  Please don’t forget to leave some of your favorite things so I can continue to discover more.  I promise to give you (and your blog) credit if it turns into an item for 3 Things Thursday!


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