Coconut Oil – Your Pantry Workhorse


I joke that I could survive on vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil.  These are so versatile!  Coconut oil is very trendy right now – but I think it’ll be here to stay because the stuff is amazing!  There are so many things you can do with it!  Just search on Pinterest and you’ll find a zillion things you can do with it (just don’t fall for the sunscreen idea – trust me, this porcelain sister got BURNT on the beach and added fuel to the naysayers as I slathered it on).

Cook with it (duh!)

I hope that this is not new to you – go for it!  It’ll add a subtle, nice flavor to your dishes.  Full of healthy fats (get outta our lives you nasty Canola oil!) and is stable for high heats (unlike olive oil).

Eye Make Up Remover & Face Wash

So I’ve been using coconut oil to remove my mascara and eye make up and (believe it) as a facial wash.  Yup!  No, my face isn’t a oil slick, it’s actually really healthy – not too oily and not too dry since I started doing this.  It’s the BEST.  I was always someone who avoided oil in my beauty products, but washing with coconut oil has done WONDERS.  Try it!

Lovely Legs

You know that beautiful glow you see on well-moisturized legs?  No need to get baby oil (eww) or any such lotion – just rub some coconut oil and you’re done!  Natural glow!

Goop Be Gone

I recently purchased some cute, clear glass dishes after I realized that the same two tiny dishes were continually being used again and again.  They were sold individually and each had a really sticky sticker on them that didn’t want to come off.  Before I entered ‘Goo-Be-Gone’ on my shopping list, I decided to give it a go with the coconut oil.  I slathered it over the sticky residue, gave it a good scrub, and washed.  GONE!  Saved some money (and storage space by not having to purchase ANOTHER product for my cleaning closet).

Please share how you’ve been using coconut oil in the comments below!


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