Day 34: My First 5K!

We all began assembling in the chill of the late morning. Smiles on faces. We were here for a 5K, but somewhere along the lines, it became much more than that.

Jamie is a teacher in our school district and, after already battling one brain tumor, has discovered that another one has grown. This race was in her honor and tons of community members showed up to support her. It became such a community building activity.

1908458_10100369759436505_8106091740061590483_n 10502390_10100369759461455_26366121590517548_n

It was encouraging to be running with such a large group with people of varying abilities. I felt motivated. I would see someone – get up to them and then pass them, picking another goal. Of course, people were passing me too, but it was so nice. Hearing the cheers and encouragement kept you going! It was so great to see everyone and have the positivity everywhere. Those that watch a race of any kind, do you know how much it means when you clap and cheer? Even if you’re a stranger! It’s wonderful.

So I’m proud of us and our accomplishments. Here’s to my first 5K!

If I can do it, you can too ❤



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