Perfect Fall Salad

Well folks, Fall is here!  Ain’t no denying it now!  While you’re Fall festival hopping (as my friends and I enjoy doing) why not take a quick moment to make something good for you, yet delicious at the same time to celebrate the season?  Enter my perfect fall salad!!


You’ll need: (I don’t measure, I just throw it together and it’s SOOO good!!)

Spring Mix (generous handful)

Arugula (handful)

1 granny smith apple, sliced

handful of raw pecans

small slice of blueberry goat cheese (on my gosh, have you ever had this from Trader Joe’s??  AWESOME!!)

Pumpkin Hummus (I made my own, but didn’t love it.  It was good enough for this salad, but let me research more before I give you a mediocre recipe)

Dressing: Honey mustard, dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, apple cider vinegar, tarragon vinegar – adjust the ratios to your liking!  Enjoy!


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