Aunt Anita’s Fruit Pizza


Summer time cookouts and picnics are the perfect places for a delicious fruit pizza.  My Aunt Anita gave me this recipe and I have been thankful ever since.  It’s an old warm-weather standby.  While many fruit pizzas are a sugar cookie crust with a whipped/Cool Whip topping, this one is different.  It’s a yummy pastry crust with a cream cheese frosting.  I like the versatility of adding your favorite in season fruits to it.  Everyone will certainly enjoy this at your next get-together.  I’ve never had a complaint yet!

Aunt Anita’s Fruit Pizza

Pastry Crust:

1 Cup flour

1 stick margarine/butter

3 oz cream cheese

Mix together and bake 375 degrees for approximately 12 minutes


8 oz cream cheese

½ cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix together, spread on crust, refrigerate

Add fruit (strawberries, kiwi, grapes, mandarin oranges, blueberries)



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