Foodie File: Choffy

Have you heard of this stuff?  Better yet, have you had it??  It’s deliciousness in a mug!


I heard about Choffy a little over a year ago and I knew that I immediately wanted to try it.  A true foodie, yet not a coffee drinker, Choffy appealed to my great love of chocolate.  So what is this delicious concoction?  It’s brewed chocolate!  Yes, that’s right!

Choffy is made with the superfood cacao beans (what is chocolate is made from) that have been roasted and then brewed!  Not only is it yummy, but it’s also good for you!  It has all of the antioxidants that chocolate has without the negative side effects one experiences with caffeine in coffee.  Choffy naturally contains a gentle yet long lasting stimulant called Theobromine. This healthy stimulant provides you with a energy lift by dilating the cardiovascular system, making the heart’s job easier and delivers energy without a crash or the other negative effects of caffeine.  It has been featured on the show The Doctors and Dr. Oz.


What about social responsibility?  I care very much about where my products come from and how people are treated that bring me what I enjoy.  Though Choffy isn’t ‘Certified Organic’ or ‘Certified Fair Trade’ they ensure that the farms that they interact with use such practices but may not have the size and resources to get the official certification.  I know many companies like this and I was glad to hear that this was the case.

As I have mentioned earlier, I have been wanting to try Choffy for a while now.  I was thrilled when I saw a Facebook friend post, “Whoever responds to this post first will get a free bag of Choffy”.  I was delighted to be the first!  I eagerly awaited the package!  I loved it from the first sip and have been sharing my free package with different friends, family members and coworkers.  Everyone has enjoyed it, except for my father, who didn’t dislike it, just wasn’t thrilled about it.  No problem!  Everyone has different tastes.

Now I confess that I drink my tea without anything in it, so I may have a slanted view, but I actually prefer my Choffy black, though it’s also delicious with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or friends have tried it with real milk and sugar).  It’s a much healthier option over a hot chocolate!

If you’re interested in learning more, check out this page: or reply to this post!  Live in the State College, PA area and wanna try?  Let me know!  I am not trying to sell you anything or convince you – I’m just here to share and I’m truly excited about this product and am anticipating the opportunity to post more recipes on this blog using this product.

*** UPDATE*****

I was feeling tired after working at school and I had to head into the restaurant last night.  One of my restaurant coworkers hadn’t tried Choffy yet, so I went out and got my bag for her to try.  I decided to pour myself some as well and I truly felt a slight pick-me-up that got me through!  The only problem?  I’m almost at the end of my bag!  I can’t wait until my order arrives!!


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