Smokey Mushroom Vegetable Wraps

When a salad just won’t do, there are wraps!  I enjoyed this yummy wrap for lunch today.  I’m not gonna lie, it helped boost me through parent-teacher conferences!  This recipe makes two wraps – or you could use the smokey mushrooms on a salad to enjoy later!

mushroom saute:
8 oz. sliced mushrooms – any variety (they will significantly shrink down in size as they cook)
2 tsp liquid smoke
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
as needed: vinegar or lemon juice to deglaze the pan

2 extra large whole wheat tortillas (wrap size)
2 handfuls of spring mix greens

2 tablespoons hummus (you can make my healthy recipe here)

Roasted red pepper
optional: 1/2 large avocado, sliced – tossed in lemon or lime juice

Saute your smoky mushrooms until the edges begin to brown. Use high heat for achieving those toasty caramelized edges. As you saute, you can add in a splash of acid (apple cider vinegar or lemon juice) to deglaze the pan

Spread 1 tablespoon of hummus on each wrap

Add your filling to your wrap and carefully roll into a burrito shape

Slice and serve

See!  Quick and easy and you have a beautiful, bistro-style wrap!


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