Orange Strawberry Chicken

I had 1 hour.  30 minutes to get a meal together, 30 minutes to eat and then I needed to be out the door and on my way to join my friend Kendra for an evening stroll.  Not a lot of time.  I was asked to make a chicken dish.  I thought about what I could make and then I thought I should create something new.  You’ll be impressed with how it all came together….


On the menu:

Orange Strawberry Chicken

Leftover Coconut Rice

Steamed Garden Fresh Vegetables

Click here for the coconut rice recipe


For the chicken:


Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (divided)

4 Chicken Breasts



Feta Cheese

Take a skillet and squeeze some fresh orange juice in it

Cut the chicken breast into chunks (this will speed the cooking process)

Add some water and cook until chicken is done

While that is cooking, wash and slice the strawberries

Remove the chicken from the stove to a plate

Add the remaining freshly squeezed orange juice to skillet

Add the spinach and wilt

Divide the spinach amongst plates

Place the chicken back in the skillet and add the strawberries.  Cook for about 2 minutes

Place the chicken and strawberry mixture over wilted spinach and garnish with feta cheese

Get praise


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