Cabin 5 Reunions

I used to work at a local camp during my growing up and college years.  I started off as a teenage Junior Counselor, graduated to full-fledged counselor and then was finally employed summer long as the Program Manager.  It was at camp that I decided to pursue a degree in education.  Camp was very formational in all aspects of my life.  I did a lot of growing and growing up there.

I also met some really fun and cool people while working at camp.  Some of them are fellow staff members and some of them are the campers themselves.  Last summer one of the girls in my first cabin as a counselor got married – I feel really old!  I was honored to attend her special day.  Some people have continued to be key players in my life, like the girls from ‘Cabin 5’.

Cabin 5 can’t be described without talking about Trainer Mel.  Trainer Mel is a retired athletic trainer from the University of Hawaii.  She is a boisterous presence and has a lot of energy wherever she is.  When I think about her, I think about her giving nature and never-ending generosity.  She is very much a giver and is thoughtful in this.  She truly thinks about people, what they like and makes special touches.  I consider her to be a great prayer warrior without any shame in speaking to anyone and everyone about her faith and the Lord.  Her boldness is very evident.  She loves the world of sports, but she is also a great patron of the arts too and planned a great trip to NYC for the Cabin 5ers to see 2 Broadway shows and take in city life.

Haley may be the first Cabin 5er that I met.  I remember her when she was just a little girl running around camp.  She was always one that I remembered and enjoyed seeing the weeks that we were at camp together.  I feel as though I’ve been given glimpses into different stages and phases of her life.  I love where she is now.  She is at such a great place in her life.  Her faith is deep and well-rooted.  Hearing her speak about things related to God makes me smile.  In some ways she reminds me of myself during my peak college years.  She is full of passion and purpose.  I still love her humor (even the unsavory conversational topics) and her gentle spirit.

Kelley is probably the one that I met next.  Kelley was in one of my cabins during my early 20s and so she had an insider scoop on me.  Oh dear!  She cracks me up when she tells stories from our week together.  I like that she remembers them in a fun way.  She is really such a dear.  Kelley is a cheerful ray of sunshine, but she also has depth.  I think that Kelley has very deep convictions that she acts upon in her life – often regardless of public opinion.  This sometimes shocked me because Kelley strikes me as a people-pleaser, but I love her boldness in her ability to thrust herself into the future and what she feels is right.

Oh Brooke, you’re so cute!  I would say that Brooke and I became close in New York City.  At that time in my life I think that we had the most in common.  We had similar interests and passions in the world.  She was on her way to Eastern University and I was connected to different ideas and philosophies that were being espoused by alumni at Eastern.  I became excited to talk with someone younger than me about the different ideas and perspectives that I was interacting with at the time.  I saw passion in her.

Veronica, or V as we all call her is an individual.  That’s one of the things that I love about her- her strong independence.  When I first met V the first thing I thought was ‘leader’.  Truth be told, I saw such potential in her, but I was also aware of her ability to channel this gift in either a positive or negative direction.  I am so glad to say that she is using her gifts for good.  I love her strong thinking mind and the fact that she’s not afraid to veer from the norm or the expectation.   I like that we can be sitting around the table and a topic will come up and with a glance at each other we can know what the other is thinking and know that we’ll probably discuss it later.  I think we are kindred spirits in some unexpected ways.


The girls smooshed in the back seat on the way to winery 1


Our purpose for the day was to learn about wine.  With all of the girls 21, we were excited to have a lovely day of wining and dining.  We piled into the car and made it to winery 1 – our favorite, Seven Mountains Winery

We went to another local winery and were less than impressed by our experience in every way.  We returned to enjoy a multi-course meal with some delicious food options.  Click on links below each picture to find the recipe



Strawberry Bruschetta (click here)


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Carrot Ginger Sesame Dip (Click here)





My Tuscan Bean Salad needs some work, but here are the components:

Diced tomatoes

Cannellini Beans

Spring Spinach Mix Blend

Goat Cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar


Shaved Asparagus Salad


Shaved Asparagus Salad (Click here)

Lime Chicken Skewers (click here)

Coconut Rice (click here)


We had a lovely time enjoying the different wines and spending quality time together.  I’m looking forward to many more Cabin 5 Reunions in the future!


Chocolate and wine – what a divine combination!





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