Congratulatory Luau

Na’Pali Coast on Kauai

We made it to Hawaii and back!  It was a fun adventure!   My friend, Michelle, ran in the Kona marathon, her first and did an awesome job with a 8:47 pace!  That’s really fast, especially for a first marathon.  In order to make it that far a lot of hard work and dedication went in.  I’m so proud of her.

Victory crossing the finish line!

A lot of our friends are proud of her too.  We decided that since everyone couldn’t go to Hawaii to cheer her on, she needed a surprise celebration in State College.  My friend, Amanda, and I threw ourselves into planning a great post-Hawaii luau fete.

Beautiful views in Kauai

Blue Hawaii on Waikiki Beach

Michelle loves surprises but has never had a surprise party!  Thankfully we were able to pull this surprise off!

Michelle walking into Mandy’s house completely unaware of all the people gathered in the kitchen to celebrate her!

Party friends! Noel and Sara with Michelle

Sara, Michelle’s best friend which was the biggest surprise for the party

Hilarious Curt and Lois with the running star (you’ll notice that Curt is enjoying one of the Home Wrecker cookies in this picture)

No luau is complete without some lovely hula girls

Amanda had a great idea with making things ‘training themed’.  In other words, the beverage station would be the ‘fluid station’ and the cookies became ‘carb-load cookies’.  Beyond a few of those, everything else was Hawaiian themed.  Here is our delightful menu…. (click on the links below the pictures to get to recipe links)

A view of some of the items we served at our party

Chicken and Shrimp Skewers

Lime Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Skewers (Click here)

Kalua Pork

Kalua Pork Recipe (click here)

Coconut Rice

Easy, Simple Coconut Rice (in a rice cooker (click here)

Hawaiian Pineapple Bacon Appetizers

Hawaiian Pineapple Bacon Appetizers (click here)

Tropical fruit with veggie skewers stuck in the pineapple makes a great centerpiece

Fresh grilled vegetables – notice that we took the bottom of a pineapple and stuck the skewers into it, making a lovely centerpiece

We had tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, and papaya

Lovely colorful salad to serve with the papaya seed dressing

A salad with papaya seed dressing

Our salad contained:

Spring mix greens


Mandarin oranges

Red Bell pepper


Papaya Seed Dressing Recipe (click here) 

Papaya seed dressing to enjoy with salad

Colorful Asian Slaw

Asian Slaw Recipe (click here)

Enjoy some picture highlights from our Hawaiian journey…

Wailua Falls

Kailua Beach with Michelle looking out

Sunset Beach, North Shore

View from Kalalau Trail along the Na’Pali Coast on Kauai

Miss Michelle charging her phone in our last moments in Hawaii (don’t you just love this picture of her?)

Her completer medals with Hawaiian views. This picture has special meaning


One thought on “Congratulatory Luau

  1. Aahh…I loved it. The whole thing. That journey was a blast, and the surprise was awesome! Thank you, Sara. 🙂

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