When Life Gets Crazy

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my kitchen lately- sometimes at alarmingly late hours with my busy schedule.  We’re all busy so I don’t profess to be the only one with a packed agenda.  When things get crazy, it’s always nice when I can grab something quickly.  Preparing individual servings of things is a great idea.  I have little containers with 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter that I have all ready to enjoy with some celery or a crisp apple.  Greek yogurt in small little containers that I spooned myself are ready as well.  By prepping ahead, not only do I save time, but I also set myself up for healthier choices.

Some may say, ‘Come on, Sara.  They have all those individual containers at the store.  Just buy those!’  This is true, however they are typically so much more expensive than the larger containers and it only takes a few moments to do it myself.  Plus my containers are washable!

I love having containers of soup at the ready all the time.  Almost any day you can open my refrigerator and find mason jars of homemade soup.  Look in my freezer and you’d find the same things!  There’s a trick to this though….


– Make sure you have a good quality mason jar, free of cracks

– Don’t fill the mason jar the whole way

– Take freezer paper, fold it in half horizontally and wrap it around the jar (this not only allows you to label the soup with the date and type of soup, but also protects the glass jars)

– Allow the mason jar contents to cool before moving it to the REFRIGERATOR FIRST

– Move into the freezer

When ready to use

– Move soup from freezer, to refrigerator in order to slowly defrost so as to not allow Mason jar glass to break

-If eating soup directly out of jar, be sure to temper the glass by running it under water prior to warming it up to eat

What I love about mason jar soup:

It’s easy!

It’s a one-dish solution!  Soups can be stored and served in the same container

They’re transportable!  No more soup leaking everywhere in my school lunch bag

It’s earth and body friendly – by using glass jars, you’re not being exposed to BPA and you can reuse them again and again!


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