Snowman Food Art

I was doing a special project with my students at school and thought that these would be appropriate for January.  It turned out to be a very blustery day outside too!

Take a bagel- any variety will do

Add some creamed cheese (hummus would be nice here as well!)

Throw on some olives, red pepper, baby carrot, broccoli, and thinly sliced celery stalk


For the cupcake

I made simply vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting

Took a thin pretzel stick and stuck it through both marshmallows with enough on the end to secure them into the cupcake.  (Marshmallows I used were the jumbo campfire ones and the large normal)

Took a Junior mint and used homemade royal icing to attach it to a small cookie wafer from those 100 calorie packs and secure it on top of the marshmallow.

Break a pretzel stick in half and stick it into jumbo marshmallow, add mini marshmallows to ends

Use cake frosting in tubes to draw on details

Bonus:  Use fruit strips to add a scarf!!


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